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Oscars 2014: 72nd Golden Globe Predictions

The Golden Globes are set to start in 30 minutes.

It’s treated as a big awards show, even though I don’t really put too much stock in its results. Though it does do a lot for perception, and I’m always a fan of an awards show where people are openly drinking throughout. Plus it takes place like, 20 minutes from where I am. That’s nice. Because I know where not to be during that time.

I like to guess, because I can. It’s fun trying to figure out which way the Hollywood Foreign Press is going to go, because it’s a nice mix of them trying to think what the Academy is going to do and them trying to be fun and trendy. My picks mean nothing though. I don’t care if I get every single one of them wrong. This is the Pro Bowl to the Oscars’ Super Bowl. The game is the least interesting thing going on.

So here are my picks for the Golden Globes: (more…)

My Favorite Female Lead Performances of 2014

Every January, I make myself sit down and pick out specific performances I loved from the previous year. Because I spend so much time talking about movies, but I don’t actually give credit to specific performances. The only time I’ll talk about them is when I’m going over the Oscars. Which isn’t the same thing.

The great thing about lists like this is that it forces you to consider everything. You immediately start thinking of the performances that are nominated for the awards. But if you consider each and every movie you saw from the year (and I did. All 300+ of them), and think about how you really felt about all the specific performances, you’re gonna be surprised which ones you actually liked best. (Especially if you can be honest about it and don’t think about what’s already out there, which few people are willing to be.)

Today I’ll be covering all the female lead performances I loved. They’re in order, but they’re not really in any order. The numbers don’t matter. These are just the ones I enjoyed the most. We’re not talking about awards-worthy or whatever.

Here are my favorite female lead performances of 2014: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “People here are funny. They work so hard at living they forget how to live.”

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town - 4