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Mike’s Top Hidden Gems of the Decade (130-121)

Of all the lists I’m making for this Top Tens of the Decade feature, I need to explain this one the most. Since the phrase ‘hidden gem’ can apply various different ways to a film and can mean different things: a) a movie you don’t know about that’s great and should be seen; b) a movie you may have heard of but probably haven’t seen that you should see; c) a movie you know and may have even seen, but is being underrated by the film community; d) a movie that straight up just needs to be seen by more people.

Obviously there are way more than just 200 gems from this decade. In my first run-through, simply compiling a list of things I might have on this list, before I considered whether they fit the criteria I wanted to use for it while also trying to be as exclusive as possible, I had over 250 films. I get that this isn’t a be-all, end-all list. These are just the 200 I chose to talk about because they’re the ones I felt deserved the most notice in this particular article and are the ones I wanted to shout out the most.

Now, how I went about the rankings was more vague. Part of it had to be how much I liked each of the films. I don’t see how it couldn’t be. But it’s not just that. Because that’s just a top films list, which I’m gonna do after this one’s done. This one’s also about just how much of a hidden gem I felt the movie is, or how much I wanted to give you that nudge in the direction of, “Hey, maybe you’re wrong about this and should give it a (or another) shot.” Or how much I wanted to emphasize, “You need to see this movie.”

I think it goes without saying – just because something is on this list doesn’t mean I assume you don’t know it. It’s because I figure (or know) there’s a larger percentage of people than I want to guess that either haven’t seen the movie or don’t fully appreciate the movie, and the goal is to introduce it to them. If you’re already in the camp of having seen it, good for you. I’m pretty sure most people reading this will have at least a quarter of this list that they haven’t seen. I suspect it’s more, but I truly don’t know how crazy most people are in relation to me in terms of seeing everything. I think most people will get some cool movies out of this. (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #81 – “Who Can You Trust,” from Spy


81. “Who Can You Trust,” from Spy


You don’t make a James Bond song unless you know what you’re doing. It’s not done often (Sonia Jones in Life of Brian, Weird Al in Spy Hard), but when it is, people come correct. This one… holy shit. This is when I knew this movie was actually gonna be really good, as opposed to the usual Melissa McCarthy fare. This song could be a James Bond song, it’s that good. It’s almost too good for this movie, which is what makes it so perfect. This is one of those songs you might have dismissed since it came out, but listen to it again — holy shit, right? That’s a legitimately great vocal performance and just a fantastic all-around song. And it’s five minutes. Which is incredible. They knew they had a great one here so they let it play all the way out. Good for them.

I’ll also point out, this point in the list is where you’re gonna start to see songs where you go, “Yeah, wow, that’s great. How come that’s not higher?” And trust me. When you start to see what’s gonna come after all these songs… you’ll realize why.


Pic of the Day: “Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker.” (25th Anniversary)