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Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade (140-131)

This was probably the list I was most excited to create when I came up with the idea of all these ‘Decade’ lists. It’s the most immediately gratifying. The songs are all right there to listen to and appreciate.

One of my favorite things to do each year (before they tried to take it away from us with that shortlist bullshit) was go through the list of all the eligible songs for Best Original Song at the Oscars and then figure out which ones I liked best. So I already had a giant pool of songs to work from, and then all I had to do was go in and look for any others that may have not been submitted or eligible, etc. And after that it was just making a playlist and figuring out what order they were going in. Which, I’ve gotta tell you, if you’ve never tried it… do it. It’s great. This is now a playlist on my phone that I listen to occasionally because it’s just great songs from movies.

Anyway, this is a list of my 200 favorite original songs from the decade in film. I was pleased that I could get to 200 here because there actually were that many (and more) that I liked enough to deem worthy of one of these lists. We’re gonna post it in chunks of ten, the way we’ve posted all the other lists. Only this one has been slowly been rolled out over the past couple of months, one each day. So really this is just cleaning all that up and putting it all in one place.

So here are my favorite original songs from the films of 2010-2019: (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #14 – “Another Day of Sun,” from La La Land


14. “Another Day of Sun,” from La La Land

We’re double dipping on La La Land songs. I’d be derelict in my duties if this didn’t make the top 15. In terms of pure music moments from this past decade, this is one of the five most memorable, if not #1. Starting the film in this traffic jam and suddenly turning it into one of the most vividly choreographed musical numbers in film history is just incredible. Seeing this movie for the first time, having no real idea what I was in for, this number took all the air out of the room. You just couldn’t believe what you were seeing. This is a straight showstopper on its own. If this were just a ten minute short on its own, it would have won an Oscar by itself. It’s that well done. And the song is really good — it’s a chorus of all the dreamers in LA, before we focus on two of them in particular. It’s the perfect way to set the tone for everything that’s to come in this movie.


Pic of the Day: “Gentlemen, I have been examining this aeroplane.” “Yeah?” “Yes. We’ve everything we need here to build a new one and fly it out.” (55th Anniversary)