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Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade (120-111)

This was probably the list I was most excited to create when I came up with the idea of all these ‘Decade’ lists. It’s the most immediately gratifying. The songs are all right there to listen to and appreciate.

One of my favorite things to do each year (before they tried to take it away from us with that shortlist bullshit) was go through the list of all the eligible songs for Best Original Song at the Oscars and then figure out which ones I liked best. So I already had a giant pool of songs to work from, and then all I had to do was go in and look for any others that may have not been submitted or eligible, etc. And after that it was just making a playlist and figuring out what order they were going in. Which, I’ve gotta tell you, if you’ve never tried it… do it. It’s great. This is now a playlist on my phone that I listen to occasionally because it’s just great songs from movies.

Anyway, this is a list of my 200 favorite original songs from the decade in film. I was pleased that I could get to 200 here because there actually were that many (and more) that I liked enough to deem worthy of one of these lists. We’re gonna post it in chunks of ten, the way we’ve posted all the other lists. Only this one has been slowly been rolled out over the past couple of months, one each day. So really this is just cleaning all that up and putting it all in one place.

So here are my favorite original songs from the films of 2010-2019: (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #12 – “Tuff Love (Finale),” from Patti Cake$


12. “Tuff Love (Finale),” from Patti Cake$

This song gave me chills the first time I heard it. It’s the finale of the film, taking place at the local battle of the bands, of sorts. Basically, whoever wins is gonna get signed by O-Z, the big local rapper. And it’s that moment in the film where Patti has to both put forth her best performance and make amends with her mother, with whom she’d been fighting for the entire film. And it’s the moment where she finally comes to terms with who she is, where she’s from and just lets it all out there. And of course, her mother shows up during the performance to see it and realize that what she’s doing isn’t just this bullshit lark — she’s actually really talented. And the kicker is that she used her mother’s song (which was also on this list at some point) as the sample. Which is just a beautiful realization to tie all the plot threads together. And the bonus being, in the film, her mother actually sings the last chorus live, providing a wonderful mother-daughter moment. It’s an incredible song, and if you couldn’t tell by how I’m talking about it, one of the most unsung movies of this entire decade.


Pic of the Day: “People around here are very poor I suppose.” “Not poor, they just haven’t got money.” “It’s the same thing.” “Oh no, it’s something quite different.” (75th Anniversary)