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Update on The Oscar Quest (~11 months in)

A month ago, I posted an article updating my status of my Oscar Quest. I began the year with somewhere between 515-530 films left to watch, and as of March 27th, had 360 left to go. I figured, “Three months seems like a logical time to update, so the next update will be three months from now. Not much should change between now and then.” Yeah — let’s call that one a mulligan. A lot’s changed since then.

The big thing that’s changed since last month is — I’m about to be finished with Netflix. That is, the way I mark down these updates is, all films not in red are films that either I have in my possession, via DVD or on hard drive, or are films that can be readily obtained, via Netflix DVD or Netflix Watch Instant. But in the past month — through various ways and means — I now only have 1 “Oscar” movie to go before I no longer need to rent DVDs from Netflix (and that one’s shipping on Monday). Everything else is either in my possession, can be watched instantly via Netflix, or is unavailable. I think that’s worth an update, don’t you?

Here’s a breakdown of what I have left to do. First off, I have only 6 Best Picture nominees left before I’ve seen them all. Ever. Every single nominee ever (that isn’t lost). How fucked up is that? I’ve seen every Best Picture nominee of the past 76 years. As for macro, I have 138 remaining films in my possession, 54 in my Instant Queue, and 81 that are, for all intensive purposes, unavailable (though, 11 of them are, last time I checked, available to watch on Youtube. Who knows if they’ll be there when I get around to watching them).

Which totals us at — 274 films to go. (more…)

The Oscar Quest: Best Director – 1998

Oh, 1998. The year that lives in infamy. I think I can sum it all up with three words: Shakespeare in Love.

Personally, I don’t know why people hate on the decision so much. I mean, sure Saving Private Ryan is a film most people prefer, but as films, I think they rate about even. Private Ryan has that amazing opening sequence, but the film peters out by the end. That last battle is kind of meh. Shakespeare, however, is a great film. It’s funny, entertaining, and really well made. The problem is though it’s a bit too — I don’t know, on the nose, maybe. There’s something that keeps it from being a “perfect” film. Plus, even though Private Ryan didn’t win Best Picture, it won the award that really mattered for it — Best Director. The split is really what makes this year okay for me. I will say though, that the fact that this one was (aliteration) the way it was, was one of the reasons that 2010 was not okay for any reason. Fool me twice — fuck you two. It would have been a lot more palatable if there was a Picture/Director split. But there wasn’t. And that’s why 2010 will — probably — I hope — go down as a greater offense in Academy history than 1998 did.

Oh yeah, also, Best Actor was Roberto Benigni for Life is Beautiful (not gonna say a word), Best Actress and Supporting Actress were Gwyneth Paltrow and Judi Dench for Shake-a-spere, and Best Supporting Actor was James Coburn for Affliction.


And the nominees are…

Roberto Benigni, Life is Beautiful

John Madden, Shakespeare in Love

Terrence Malick, The Thin Red Line

Steven Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan

Peter Weir, The Truman Show (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Have I ever had you before?…So you don’t call me by my Christian name.”