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The Oscar Quest: Best Director – 1943

1943 is another one of those years. You can’t really fault their choice, because it’s widely regarded as one of the best films of all time. And even if you did want to say, “Well, it’s not that great,” there’ not really another nominee you could point to as being more worthy. Which is great, because, less I have to write.

The Best Picture of 1943 was Casablanca. Best Actor — surprisingly — went to Paul Lukas, for Watch on the Rhine. I believe this is widely considered to be one of the worst choices of all time. Raise your hand if you know who Paul Lukas is. No cheating.

Best Actress was Jennifer Jones for The Song of Bernadette. Best Supporting Actor was Charles Coburn for The More the Merrier, and Best Supporting Actress was Katina Paxinou for For Whom the Bell Tolls.

I’ll sum up 1943 by saying, when Casablanca is involved, is there really any question what should win?


And the nominees are…

Clarence Brown, The Human Comedy

Michael Curtiz, Casablanca

Henry King, The Song of Bernadette

Ernst Lubitsch, Heaven Can Wait

George Stevens, The More the Merrier (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Do you make love all the time, Gaston?” “Certainly not! The only people who make love all the time are liars.”

The Box Office Report – April 8-11

Last week, in box office…

Coming as absolutely no surprise to me (or anyone, really) Hop wins the weekend with $37.5 million. It’s my fault I was too stupid — and too rushed — to accurate predict such an occurrence.

I’ve been saying it since January — kids films are the only sure thing outside of May through July. Kids movies, summer blockbusters (most of them, anyway), Will Smith movies and (god help us), Adam Sandler movies. That’s really about it. Movies for the under 7 crowd are almost guaranteed to make bank. (Please take note of the inherent joke in that statement.) Not only that — a film by the makers of Alvin and the Chipmunks — films that, while being almost-unforgivable turds, make shitloads of cash. And personally, I’ll accept that these movies exist because, hey, they’re for children under ten. People are not accountable for taste until they hit puberty. So I don’t care. I watched such shit too, once. (Granted, my shit wasn’t as bad, because the shitty kids movies that came out weren’t as awful as these ones. At least mine were live-action.)

Now, the problem is — I knew this, and if I thought about it for a second, I’d probably have said as much in my report last week. Problem was — I overslept on Friday. The article went up with only the first half. Which meant I had to quickly write the second half to get it up after I woke up and realized it. Therefore I ended up being pretty conservative in my predictions. I was concerned with getting it out there over getting it right. Which, whatever. It’s not like it matters anyway. (more…)