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Pic of the Day: “You do well in school?” “Yeah.” “That’s good. I did too. They call that a paradox.”

Pic of the Day: “Go to sleep.” “I am asleep. This is a dream.” “Then it is a good dream.”

Pic of the Day: “Captain Smith is the only professional soldier among us.” “Smith, sir? What are his qualifications?” “Those you lack.”

Pic of the Day: “I used to know a girl, she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it… beat her up so bad she ended up at a hospital on Guerrero Street.” “Ha ha ha. What a story, Mark.”

Pic of the Day: “The War Department promised me 180 men. They sent me eighteen. You are the eighteen. So each of you will have to do the work of ten men. If you fail, I’ll have you spread-eagled on a wagon wheel. If you desert, you’ll be found, tracked down and broken into bits. That is all.”


Pic of the Day: “Scott, if your life had a face, I would punch it.”