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2011: The Year in Review (Part III)

And we reach the final portion of the year in Review. Don’t worry, this isn’t the end (technically that’s next year. Right Mayans? Right? Oh, right, you’re all dead. Too bad. I was curious to know if you guys had an enzyme called Mayan-ase). Later on today, I’m gonna put up an article about all the films I previewed back in January that didn’t come out at all (it’s not many), then tomorrow I’ll put up some numbers about all of this — how well I did and such, as well as talk about the films that surprised me, for better and for worse. That stuff.

But before we do that, let’s finish this up. First, a quick recap: In January, I previewed all the films coming out this year (that were scheduled at the time), and guessed what I’d think of them. This article will cover the films in the September & October and November & December articles. Also, over the year, as I saw the films, I kept track of what I thought about them. I did that here, here and here. Now what I’m doing is taking what I said in January (which I didn’t looked at after writing it, until now), taking what I actually thought about the movie, summing up what my thoughts on the films are now (having digested the films more), and then writing how close I was or not. Got it?

Okay then. Let’s get into the final batch… (Ha ha. Gremlins.) (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Hard to believe it was last Christmas that me and Harmony changed the world. And we didn’t mean to. And it didn’t last long, you know. A thing like that can’t. Now that I’m in L.A., I go to parties. The kind where if a girl is named Jill, she spells it J-Y-L-L-E, that bullshit. That’s me there. My name’s Harry Lockhart, I’ll be your narrator. Welcome to L.A. Welcome to the party.”