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The Oscar Quest: Best Supporting Actress – 1942

Like 1942 but don’t love it. A lot of that has to do with the fact that the Best Picture choice feels too easy. It’s a good film, but not a definitive winner to me. And the year doesn’t seem to have that definitive winner (though, historically, they did make a good choice. I’m all about how the Oscars tie into history).

Mrs. Miniver wins Best Picture, Best Director for William Wyler (talked about here), Best Actress for Greer Garson, and this category. I love all of these decisions. (Though as an addendum to that, I’d have voted for Teresa Wright in Best Actress, because I voted for Greer Garson the year before this in Blossoms in the Dust because I think that performance was better, so me voting for Garson there and Wright this year meant that I voted for someone else in this category. Ya follow?)

The non-Miniver Oscars went to James Cagney, as Best Actor for Yankee Doodle Dandy (a fantastic decision) and Best Supporting Actor was Van Heflin for Johnny Eager, which is the biggest blank in the history of that category.

So let’s get into this one, which, as I already said, I love the decision, but through my bookkeeping, I’m voting for something else. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything.


And the nominees were…

Gladys Cooper, Now Voyager

Agnes Moorehead, The Magnificent Ambersons

Susan Peters, Random Harvest

Dame May Whitty, Mrs. Miniver

Teresa Wright, Mrs. Miniver (more…)

Pic of the Day: ♫ “And I’ve also heard it told / That he’s something to behold / Like a lobster, huge and red / And sets out to slay with his rain gear on / Carting bulging sacks with his big great arms / That is, so I’ve heard it said / And on a dark, cold night / Under full moonlight / He flies into a fog / Like a vulture in the sky / And they call him Sandy Claws” ♫

The Nightmare Before Christmas - 63