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Oscars 2011 Update: Important Dates

Just a quick one while he’s away to update everyone about what’s going on. Here are all the dates for when all the pertinent groups announce stuff (Note: if it doesn’t say “nominations” it means that’s when they’re announcing the winners):

  • 1/3 — Producers Guild nominations (big day)
  • 1/4 — Art Directors Guild nominations
  • 1/5 — Writers Guild nominations
  • 1/9 — Directors Guild nominations / Visual Effects Society nominations
  • 1/10 — American Society of Cinematographers nominations
  • 1/15 — Golden Globes
  • 1/16 — American Cinema Editors nominations
  • 1/17 — BAFTA nominations (more…)

2011: The Year in Review (Observations & Wrap-Up)

I did the compiling — now it’s time to actually figure out what it all means.

I have made a list of every film that appears on Wikipedia’s 2011 in film article (and even some that don’t), as a list of all films that came out in 2011. I’ve cross-checked that list with every film I’ve seen this year (every single one has been reviewed in my Movie Year in Review articles: here, here and here), as well as all of the films I previewed back in January as they were, at the time, scheduled. Then I wrote a final review of my thoughts on the films as they stand now, days, weeks and even months after seeing them. And then I concluded with a quick analysis of how close I was, based on what I thought I’d rate the film back in January and what I actually thought about the film.

So now what? Now it’s time to add everything up, and really see how close I was, all things considered. Admit it, you don’t remember anything I said in those articles. You probably didn’t even read them. Come on. I know you. You know you can’t read. I’m compiling everything here, so you don’t need to go back and look at all those. I’m not sure exactly how I’m gonna go about it, so we’re both gonna find out together. Keep reading, it’ll be exciting. (more…)

2011: Year in Review (The Post-Script)

So we took care of everything that came out. Now — let’s talk about everything that didn’t come out.

That is, everything that either was scheduled and was pushed, or was not scheduled but was in the process of being shot/edited/tinkered with/reshot/shelved/what have you, and still hasn’t been heard from.

First, we start with a shitty Julianne Moore movie. (The only film from the first six months of the year to not come out at all.)



Pic of the Day: “Did you hear what I said, Miss Kubelik? I absolutely adore you.” “Shut up and deal.”