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Oscars 2012 Update: Important Dates

Here are all the important dates leading up to the Oscars. Mostly when all the pertinent groups announce stuff. Just something to use as a guide for when stuff is happening over the next two months (Note: if it doesn’t say “nominations” it means that’s when they’re announcing the winners):

1/3 — PGA (Producers Guild) Nominations
WGA (Writers Guild) Nominations
Art Directors Guild Nominations

1/4 — Academy Award Nominations voting ends

1/8 — DGA (Directors Guild) Nominations

1/9 — BAFTA Nominations (more…)

The 2013 Film Release Calendar: January

2012 is over, so naturally it’s time to look ahead to 2013.

I’m on my third year of doing this, so I’m starting to have this down to a system. I’ll be previewing more films this year than I ever have. I know how to do this now. And this year, I’m making things even easier on myself by doing it only one month at a time instead of two. I’m even splitting the articles into two parts, doing the first half of the year now, and then the second half in a few weeks, since the last half of the year is always the one that ends up getting changed. So I’m giving myself as much time as possible for stuff to fall in to place.

Oh, and in case you don’t know what these are — every January, I go over all the movies that are scheduled and even not yet scheduled for release that year. (This year there are gonna be a lot that aren’t yet scheduled. Just wait.) I go over what they are, brief synopsis, who’s in them, whatever, and then I write what I think I’m going to think about them, or what my expectations are of them based on what I have. Just something to go back to later on. Mostly because I feel like I know myself pretty well, so I like to see how close I can guess my opinions on movies based on almost nothing except a synopsis, a cast/director and a release date. (After two years, I’m running around 67-70% correct.) Plus, it also helps to let me know which films end up surprising me at the end of the year, for better or for worse.

So, let’s start off another year by previewing all the films that are coming out this month (as scheduled): (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Here’s looking at you, kid.”