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2012 Golden Globes Predictions

Tonight is the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards. Also known as the 2012 Golden Globe Awards (and if anyone calls them the 2013 Golden Globes — same as the people who call these the 2013 Oscars — they’re fucking idiots).

I’ve never really had any interest in the Globes outside of enjoying watching them. Since despite what people want to tell you, they basically mean nothing for the Oscars. Mostly they just alter perception. Nobody who votes on them has anything to do with the Oscars, and all it does is get the people who are either too overly tuned into shit or not tuned in at all (so, Oscar people on the internet and the dumbass media, who will turn anything into a story. Maybe of whom are the same people) to be like, “Oh no, this random person won this award, will they win the Oscar?” No. Because the Hollywood Foreign Press loves that person, and it was in the Comedy/Musical category.

So now that they mean nothing to me, Oscar-wise (seriously, the most they do — if the person who’s the favorite to win actually does win here, then it’s added rationalization as to why they’ll win. If they don’t, then they’re the Globes, and nobody cares what they pick. It’s meaningless), they’re kind of fun to watch (pretty much any movie awards show is, as long as not MTV, Kids Choice, or those bullshit ones. You know — the classy ones in January. With real winners. Not Twilight for best movie), and people get rip-roaring drunk at them.

Like I probably will.

Here are my (sort of. If you can call them that) predictions for the Golden Globes: (more…)


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