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The Most Underseen Films of 2013

And today we talk about the most underseen films of 2013.

This one is pretty simple — films I think ought to have a bigger audience than they got.

I’m not even necessarily talking about quality, either. I mean, sure, I happened to really like all of the movies I’m talking about, but in general, I’m saying that people ought to see them. I’m not necessarily saying you need to enjoy them, or that they’re necessarily amazing movies. I think they’re amazing movies, but I think the thing that separates this and underrated is the openness of it. When it’s underrated, I truly think more people ought to like those movies and talk about how good they are. Here, I’m just saying, “This movies needs more people to have seen it, so please see it. Think what you want, but just see it. Maybe you’ll like it enough to recommend it to more people.” That’s more what this is. I just want to get these movies to be seen by more people, whether those people like them or not.

So here are my choices for the most Underseen movies of 2013: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Thrilling to meet you, Gloria.” “Hi.” “Yes… You obviously have a wonderful economy with words, Gloria. I look forward to your next syllable with great eagerness.”

Arthur - 30

Oscars 2013 Update: ACE Nominations

The American Cinema Editors have announced their nominations.

Feature Film (Dramatic)

Captain Phillips



Saving Mr. Banks

12 Years a Slave (more…)