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My Favorite Directorial Efforts of 2013

So, I tallied up all my favorite performances of the year, so it felt appropriate to finish off with the directorial efforts and screenplays as well.

These are difficult categories, since, most of the time you’re just going to pick your favorite films as having the best directorial efforts and best scripts. But I’ll do my best to think about it in terms of the actual effort and the script itself. For example — last year I had The Dark Knight Rises on my top ten list. But I didn’t put it on my screenplay list at all. And Moonrise Kingdom was in my top five, but it barely made my top 15 on my direction list. So I do try to limit it to what I’m picking and not necessarily focus on how much I loved the film. But sometimes I can’t help it, obviously.

So here are my favorite directorial efforts of 2013: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “MAU! MAU! DI DI MAU!”