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Mike’s Favorite Movie Trailers of 2013

So today I’ll be going over my favorite movie trailers of 2013.

I did this last year, and it was fun, so I’m doing it again. I’m a fan of when trailers are cut well. Because usually they’re just regurgitating the entire plot of the movie over two minutes, so you know exactly what you’re getting, no surprises. Because apparently that’s what people need to go to the movies — comfort and familiarity. “Oh, I’ve seen this movie a dozen times before, let’s go see this.” I like when trailers do something different and memorable. I think the point of a movie should be to let you know the basic premise, not spoil too much, not have the same tropes as every other trailer out there, and, most importantly, make you more excited to see the movie than you were before.

I’ll also preface this list by saying — these are only trailers from movies that came out in 2013. Not trailers from 2014 films that came out in 2013, or 2012 films that got released late or whatever. I hate when people do that. We all know my problem with people calling these the 2014 Oscars when they’re clearly for 2013. These are 2013 trailers for the films of 2013, and nothing else.

So here are my favorite trailers of 2013: (more…)


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