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2013 Golden Globes Results, Live Blog & Reactions

I had to work last night, all through the Golden Globes (and all through that second NFL Divisional Round game as well). I didn’t mind much (since it’s not the Oscars. I’m not working on Oscar night), so I deliberately kept myself in the dark about what happened, and told myself I’d just download and watch the show after it was over, either later Sunday night or Monday morning. And that’s what I did.

So I felt it would be best to just live blog my entire watching of the Golden Globes, since it’s happening at my own pace, and I can pause to type shit. A live blog during the show never works, since it’s live. By the time you’re done writing your thoughts about one thing, something else has already happened and you’re behind. This way, I can just write whatever the fuck I want, and go over all the categories in order, and take care of everything all at once. This should be fun.

So here is my live blog of the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, which, interspersed with the live blog will be my usual Monday morning comments about what this means for Oscar momentum and all that bullshit: (more…)


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