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B+ Movie Blog: Important Dates

Earlier today, I put up a list of all the important Oscar dates for 2014. That will remain on the top of the blog for the next two months.

This article is going to go over all the important dates on the BLOG over the next two months. At this point, it’s pretty much a cut and paste set of articles that go up every year, so I’m gonna give you guys a quick preview of what’s to come and when things are coming.

It’s a weird year, because the Oscars are a week earlier than they usually are, which forces my hand and makes certain articles have to go up sooner than I’d like them to.

This article won’t stay at the top of the page, since I usually don’t like telling people what’s coming next, outside of a vague, “This is the feature we’re gonna do for the next few (whatever length of time).” But after almost four years of blog, I know what stuff I like doing and want to do, and Oscar season has become a thing for me, so it’s really only a matter of when, not what. So I’ll just let you guys know how things are gonna shake out between now and Oscar night. (more…)

Oscars 2014: Best Animated Feature Eligibles

We also have a shortlist for Best Animated Feature.

There are 20 films on it. That seems higher than what it’s been the last two years. I won’t look, of course, since it’s not that big a deal. I remember 21 once, but mostly I’m remembering 17 to 18 most years. It’s usually around this number, though.

The key is, as long as 16 movies are nominated, there will be 5 nominees. So we know there will be 5 nominees this year, and typically you can guess exactly what they’re gonna be based on the shortlist.

So that’s what we’re gonna do.

Here is your shortlist (though technically it’s the entire list of eligible. Or rather, films submitted) for Best Animated Feature: (more…)

Oscars 2014: Important Dates

As it is December, that brings with it another awards season. And, as I do every awards season, I write up a timeline of all the important events that are going to take place between now and Oscar night. Mostly I do this for myself, so I can keep track of what’s going to happen and when, and pay attention to it all.

This is a list of when all the major guilds and groups (except the regional critics, whose awards I don’t care about) will announce their nominations and hand out their awards. Only with the Oscars will I point out when voting for nominations and awards begins and ends.

This will be my go-to list over the next three months, so it might as well be yours too. And I’m going to sticky this to the top of the blog, so everyone can keep track. Don’t think nothing will be updated. It will. Just, below this post.


February 14th – WGA Awards

CAS Awards

February 15th – ASC Awards

MPSE Awards

February 17th – CDG Awards

Academy Award Final Voting Ends (more…)


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