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Oscars 2014: Best Original Score Eligibles

We’re almost done with our shortlists. By my count, there are only four left that are to come out, including this one. And another one is right behind this, and will be posted soon. The other two I’m sure will be coming this week.

This one is the entire list of eligible scores for Best Original Score. It’s not particularly helpful, because there are over 100 on it every year. But it’s nice to look at, since you can narrow down the entire list to about 15 or so that have a chance. I might even be able to get closer. And that’s always fun.

So here’s the list of all 114 scores that are eligible for Best Original Score: (more…)

The Most Underseen Films of 2014

Yesterday, I talked about what I feel are the most underrated movies of 2014. Because of that, I feel like I don’t need to repeat myself and list those again. There will be a few repeats, but generally I’m not gonna go over them again, because I feel like me saying they’re underrated is an inherent recommendation to see the movie. This is just another way of doing the same thing.

The difference between the two is, when I say something is underrated, I’m saying it’s better than you think it’s going to be, and in most cases, a really good movie. In this case, I just think that people ought to see these movies, whatever they think about them. Some of these are going to be very divisive. Some people won’t like some of these movies. I’m not telling you you’re going to like them. I’m saying you need to see them. These movies deserve an audience.

So here are the most underseen films of 2014: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Snow belongs in its proper places: mountain tops, poetry, and songs by Bing Crosby!”

Frosty Returns - 12