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Oscars 2014: Best Documentary Feature Shortlist

We got another one.

In case you haven’t figured it out, these are being put up in the order they came out. And since they came out before I started doing Oscar stuff, they’re going up now. I do things on my own timeline. Nothing changed between when these were announced and now. And I think we all know I’m not in it for the clicks. I’d be doing this shit anyway.

Anyway, they announced the shortlist for Best Documentary Feature. Normally, this is when people get upset that certain well-regarded documentaries weren’t included. I honestly don’t care about documentaries, and the fact that I watch more than one or two a year is always astounding to me.

This year, I watched… I think, three, already. And I’ve loved two of them. And fortunately, one of them is on this list. And it’ll be interesting to see if they allow it on the final list of nominees. Because it’ll be hard to think it won’t win if it does get on.

Anyway, here’s your shortlist for Best Documentary Feature: (more…)

Oscars 2014: AFI Top Ten Films of The Year

AFI announced their top ten films of the year today.

I typically don’t say much about them. I think we all know my love affair with NBR, so I tend to fawn over their choices. I always feel like AFI goes for the obvious choices, the ones that seem like what you’d think about when you thought of what a list like this would look like. Granted, that’s not to say they’re wrong, that’s just always how I think of them.

They tend to be pretty similar to my picks. More so, though, they tend to be in line with what the actual Oscar nominations are. So there’s that.

Anyway, here are AFI’s Top Ten Films of 2014: (more…)

Mike’s Top Ten Movie Posters of 2014

The movie poster is a lost art.

That is always the first thing I say when I start talking about my favorite posters of the year. I started this feature back in 2011, when I saw the poster for The Ides of March and thought, “That’s one of the most original poster designs I’ve ever seen.” And it made me realize just how lazy advertising departments are now, regurgitating the same twelve poster designs, trying to remind you of all the other movies like that one that you saw, rather than doing something that sticks out and is unique, and makes you want to see the movie purely on its poster design. How often now do you see a poster and go, “Man, what is that movie?”

At this point so many different variations of a poster get released (teaser posters, first poster, second poster, character posters, DVD cover art), it’s hard to even keep track of them. So rarely are we left with a singular image from a film. It’s because the marketing team only cares about trying to make money for a film and not about truly selling the film. You’ll see more and more that what end up being the best posters of the year are films with a deliberate voice behind them, which either means that the director is very hands on and cares about their product, all the way down to the marketing, or because the voice of the filmmaker is so strong, it bleeds over into the marketing.

The point is — even though the art of movie poster making is a dying one, I’m still going to celebrating the good that is left. I look for posters that are simple, memorable, and tell you exactly what a movie is about in a single image. Or, sometimes things are just cool. It’ll be pretty obvious as we go.

So here are my top ten posters of 2014: (more…)


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