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2014: The Year in Reviews (Films That Didn’t Get Released)

So we went over everything that came out (most of which I saw, if you couldn’t tell). Now we’re gonna go over what didn’t.

This list is populated predominantly with indies that weren’t given release dates, many of which will end up on VOD at some point over the next year, films I’ve been tracking for over a year that still haven’t come out, or movies that got pushed into the new year, probably because of quality issues. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in some cases. Because it allows me to reevaluate. I can decide if I want to keep paying attention to it or drop it altogether.

These are all movies that either had dates and got moved, or are ones I talked about back in January that still haven’t come out. I’ll remind you what it’s about, tell you what the status of it is, and decide whether or not I want to continue paying attention to it for next year’s Film Release Calendar.

Here are the films of 2014 that didn’t get released: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “You really like animals don’t you, Ken? What’s the attraction.” “Well, you can t-t-trust them and they don’t sh-sh-sh-sh-” “Shit on you?” “Show off all the t-time.”

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