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Mike’s Favorite Movie Posters of 2015 (50-31)

The movie poster is a lost art.

Look at 90% of the posters you see in theaters. They’re all the same. You’ve seen the templates before. Nothing is original. There are a few hundred new theatrical releases every year, and maybe you get 25 posters that are really doing something new or interesting. How often do you see a poster and go, “What is that movie?”

Not to mention, because there are so many posters come out (teaser poster, first poster, second poster, character poster) we’re never left with a singular image from a film. No one really sells a film anymore. Typically the only time you see a great poster for a film is when there is a singular voice behind it. Directors with strong visions tend to be the ones with the good posters.

I like to celebrate this dying art by appreciating when a film actually puts forth an effort into designing a memorable poster. I search through all the posters of the year and pick out the ones that I feel do the best job of selling their product (regardless of the quality of that product). I want a poster that is simple, memorable, tells you exactly what a movie is about in a single image, or just looks really cool.

Here are my favorite posters of 2015: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Look, sir, look what was discovered on your front stoop.” “What, Grimsby? The milk? The daily paper?” “No, sir, a baby.” “Oh, is that all? … A baby?!”

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - 16

Oscars 2015: Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations

All right. We have our first set of nominees that matter. The SAG Awards.

A reminder — this isn’t what will be nominated. This is just what stands a good chance at being nominated. It’s what wins here that you need to watch out for.

This is based on the thousands upon thousands of members of SAG vote for. The Academy acting branch is much smaller and skews older and features more Brits. Don’t be slavishly devoted to whatever is nominated here. Because they tend to nominate weird stuff. And you have to factor into it that people who aren’t in SAG won’t be nominated here, and some films that are coming out late won’t have been seen in time.

That said, let’s see who SAG nominated this year: (more…)