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2015: The Year in Reviews (February)

Look, this is the fifth year I’m doing this. You guys know what it is by now. Every January I go over everything scheduled to come out, and about 200 more movies, just to be safe. I guess what I’m gonna think about them, and then immediately forget I did it. Then, in December, I recap everything I saw and see how I did.

I put up batches of reviews for everything I saw, once in April, once in August, and once… yesterday. Those contain my initial thoughts on the films after I saw them. I take those thoughts and match them against what I said back in January, plus I take some time to reflect upon how my thoughts have changed in the time between when I saw the movie and now (since only crazy people develop a final opinion on a movie after a single watch). It’s very straightforward. Plus… five years. I know you’re supposed to treat every person as if they’re reading for the first time, but there’s only like twelve of us who read the crap I write anyway.

Today we’re recapping February: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “How horrible our Christmas will be!” “No. How jolly!” “Oh. How jolly our Christmas will be.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas - 41

Oscars 2015: AFI Top Ten Films of the Year

The American Film Institute announced their top ten films of 2015.

I typically don’t say much about them. We all know how much I love NBR. To me, AFI tends to be more populist, going for more obvious choices. Last year, they had Into the Woods on their list. They have what you’d think a list like this would have. Which means I knew right away what at least two of their choices were.

They’re usually fairly in line with NBR and what the actual Oscars (or the perception of the Oscars) would nominate.

Here are AFI’s Top Ten Films of 2015: (more…)