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2015 Movies That Were Better Than I Expected

In an ideal world, I’d post this in a month. But things get busy around here from mid-December until the end of February. Every day is thoroughly accounted for. So here we are. Fortunately I’m just labeling the films as “better” or “worse” and not getting too technical about it. So I feel okay about still having two weeks left to see a handful of films (which means no, sadly The Force Awakens has no chance of appearing on either of these articles). There’s still enough others to talk about.

The purpose of these articles is very simple: I preview a lot of movies each year, and I’m very good about gauging what my reaction to them will be. Most movies will fall within a reasonable margin of my expectations for them. Some, however, do not. And that is why we are here.

Of the many films I see throughout the year, it becomes very clear to me which of them ended up defying the expectations I had for them going in. It’s not a “slightly better” kind of deal. These movies were either tangibly better or worse than I thought they would be.

We begin with the films of 2015 that ended up exceeding my expectations: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “My time with you is at an end, Ebenezer Scrooge. Will you profit from what I’ve shown you of the good in most men’s hearts?” “I don’t know, how can I promise!” “If it’s too hard a lesson for you to learn, then learn this lesson!”

A Christmas Carol - 12