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The Unforgivable Films of 2015

For every yang, there is a ying. If I can pick my favorite films from a year, I can most certainly pick my least favorite.

The Unforgivables List began in 2010. I watched the movie The Switch (Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston and the jizz cup), and I got maybe 40 minutes into it before I got so irrationally angry that I had to stop and tell all of my friends they should avoid the movie like raw meat from the floor of a dive bar in Mexico. They thought what I wrote was funny. So I put it up on here, along with tirades against other movies that made me angry from that year. And then it became a thing I do.

This will be the sixth Unforgivables list. Previous “winners” (along with The Switch) have been Just Go With It, Big Miracle, Identity Thief and Heaven Is For Real. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “You ladies decent?” “I am. I can’t speak for these two.”

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