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The 2020 Film Release Calendar: January

And here we go. We finished one year, time to look ahead to the new one. We’re in a new decade now, even.

I normally spend the first week of the year going over all the films that are gonna come out during it. But this year’s a weird one because the Oscars take place so early. Oscar night is a month and a week from today. So we’re gonna do January’s Release Calendar today and February’s tomorrow just to get them down before the movies start coming out, and then we’ll move onto some other stuff I normally post before Oscar nominations/coverage, namely the top performance lists.

But a lot of the stuff I normally post to wrap up a year is coming AFTER Oscar season this year because it’s so early. So all the rest of the Release Calendar and the top scores list… it’s all coming after Oscar night, because that’s how the calendar works.

So anyway, here are all the films that are currently set to come out this month: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “What’s enough love?” “Always a little more than anyone ever gets.”