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Oscars 2019: My Nominations Ballot

A tradition here on the site is for me to spend the two days before Oscar nominations to guess what I think those nominees are going to be and give you my preferred nominees in all the categories. I keep the articles separate because to me, what I think should happen has absolutely no bearing on what I think is actually going to happen. All too often I find that people writing about the Oscars are completely unable to do that. The two main reasons I stopped reading all the Oscar sites years ago are because 1) too few people actually did the work in analyzing the categories and went with general overall ‘narratives’ and ‘feelings’, and 2) they far too often went with their own personal opinions when they weren’t sure (or sometimes even when they were). So what I do is get all my personal opinions out of the way first, and then when I pick everything, you get the full, unvarnished honesty and analysis to help you out.

And also admittedly this is the “one for them, one for me” model. If you want all the good shit, you gotta indulge my narcissism and listen to me prattle on about my own opinions for a day. I think it’s a reasonable tradeoff. I can at least get this one done in less than half the time it takes me to write up that other article.

Anyway, while tomorrow you get all the guesses as to what’s gonna be nominated on Monday, today you get what I’d nominate, assuming I could have a magic wand and create the entire Oscar ballot. Or, I guess, slightly more realistically, if I were able to vote for the nominations in every category, this is what my ballot would look like. Since I’m at least adhering to the shortlists for a bunch of the categories and am not just picking willy-nilly. I want this to be as realistic as I can possibly make it, even if it is a ‘dream scenario’ kind of situation.

But anyway, here’s what I’d nominate in all of the categories this year: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Now listen buddy, you wanna do me a favor?” “Depends on what it is.” “I wrote this song…” “NO!” (40th Anniversary)