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My Favorite Male Supporting Performances of 2019

I’m doing these way early this year, because of the truncated Oscar schedule. A lot of the time the nominations have already happened by the time these lists go out. Usually I’m using them to fill time between nominations and the second half of the Release Calendar, or before it’s time to start category breakdowns. But we’re in a weird year, so here we are. I barely got to watch a lot of the films more than once before these lists go up. But it’s also not like they really matter all that much outside of some more content.

I will specify what I always need to specify — these are my lists. These are the performances that I personally preferred the best. They do not always line up with what the awards groups and the herd believes. They are literally me going through the list of every film I saw this year and jotting down the performances from each film that I thought were noteworthy and then paring the article down to a list of 15 and then creating some sort of ranking of those 15. So any problems — keep ’em to yourself. I’m only here to talk up the things I liked the best, not to create any sort of objective list. So if you’re butt hurt that this doesn’t match up with the slideshows on the other websites, then stick to the slideshows.

Today, we’re gonna talk about the male supporting performances of the year. This is 2019’s strong category. Every year has one category that’s particularly strong. This year, it happens to be supporting actors. The other categories I had trouble getting to 15. This one, I easily got to 30. So, before I begin, I just wanna give quick shoutouts to some other performances I really enjoyed from this year that didn’t officially make this list: Jonah Hill and Martin Lawrence in The Beach Bum. Pacino and Stephen Graham in The Irishman. Archie Yates and Sam Rockwell in Jojo Rabbit. Of all the people in Endgame, I was really impressed by what Hemsworth did with Thor. J.K. Simmons of course gives the cameo of the year in the end credits of Spider-Man: Far from Home. There’s Lucas Hedges in Waves, who continues a strong of strong supporting work over the past couple of years. Billy Crudup is great in Where’d You Go Bernadette in a thankless role. Jack Black continues his hilarious work in Jumanji: The Next Level. Tommy Lee Jones in Ad Astra, as the Colonel Kurtz character. Keanu Reeves has that great cameo in Always Be My Maybe. Jeffrey Donovan gives one of the underrated turns of the year in Villains. And then the late, great Robert Forster in El Camino, in a role I assume he had in the show that I thought was just riveting in the movie.

Okay, so that’s what I got. Now onto the list. (more…)


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