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Mike’s Favorite Male Lead Performances of the Decade (70-61)

I make ‘favorite performance’ lists every year, and I get that these lists, more than the rest, are the most subjective one can make. Because it’s really about what you see in each performance and what you respond to; There’s no objective way to truly rate a performance as better than another. With whole films, it feels easier to make that distinction. So with these lists, I’m just gonna focus on some performances from the decade that I really, really enjoyed, and the goal here is just to shout them out and maybe get some people to watch the films if they hadn’t or reevaluate each of the performances the next time they watch the films.

We’re starting with male lead performances, and there was certainly no shortages of those to choose from this decade. (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #175 – “I See a Victory,” from Hidden Figures


175. “I See a Victory,” from Hidden Figures

How good is this song? They play this right at the end of the movie too, in such a perfect moment. You hear this song and immediately your spirits are lifted. It perfectly fits the film. I wasn’t sure how much I liked it as a song when I first heard it alone, but having had some years to go back and listen to it again, I’m all for it. It’s great.


Pic of the Day: “Use extreme caution Rangers, you are dealing with an evil here that is beyond all imagination.” (25th Anniversary)