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2011: What Have We Learned?

I like to think of this title as being spoken the way it’s spoken in that episode of Family Guy, when Stewie is at the baseball game and has a ball in his hand, and he turns to the kid next to him who has a bat and tells him he’ll trade one for the other. And then he gets the bat and knocks the kid out with it and goes, “What did you learn?” That’s how I picture this article. What have we learned?

I like to sit down at the end of each film year and just reflect. See if things are getting any better (or any worse), see what the trends are, what’s changed, you know the deal.

It is 2012 now. So this is my way of, with a little bit of distance (granted, it’s been three days, but still) from 2011, just going over what the trends were. The big things that happened. There’s a really big thing I want to talk about, but I feel like, once I do that, the article is anti-climactic after that. But on the other hand, I don’t really have the strength to sit there and layer this like an essay that builds to a big point. I’m just not that academic. Honestly, what I’m going to do is just make my points in a rambling, bullet-point manner, and hopefully they’ll speak for themselves.

So let’s, one last time, take a look at what 2011 had to offer. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “In his eagerness to save you, your God has also saved the Roman fleet.”