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2011 Golden Globes Reactions

Well that was totally expected. Any surprises there? No, not really. Big night for France, huh?

I kept a live-reaction of the Golden Globes. Just the awards. Not the show. All the idiots are gonna be talking about the show itself. That’s all window dressing. We all saw how high Johnny Depp was, how scary Madonna’s arms looked, and how tame Ricky Gervais was. No need to go over it again.

Here’s my live-reaction of all the awards (in the order they gave them out), and then afterward, a brief recap of what this means for the rest of the race. All posted within 13 minutes of the show’s closing. I’m on top of this shit.

Just so you know up front: I did really awesome on my film guesses and really terrible on my TV guesses. Nothing new there. When I know my stuff, I know my stuff.

Now, let’s recap these damn things: (more…)

2011 Golden Globes Predictions

These are my favorite articles to write. I don’t know why. They just are.

The Golden Globes are tonight. Here are all my picks, analysis, all of that. You know the drill.

One note I want to make before this all goes down — a lot of people are gonna put stock into the outcome of this ceremony, but as I’ve started to find out over the last few years (the more I get into the whole Oscar thing), the Globes aren’t really a precursor that matters so much. Or at least, they’ve gotten less accurate over the years. They’ve only guessed Best Picture correctly 4 times since 2000 (Chicago winning Musical/Comedy, the rest winning Drama), they got Best Director right 5 times. They’ve missed on 4 Best Actors, 5 Best Supporting Actresses (though 1 was Kate Winslet when she won both) but surprisingly only 1 Best Actress (if we count Kate winning both as being correct), and 2 Best Supporting Actors. They want to be an Oscar precursor that matters, but ultimately, it’s about what they like, and not what’s going to win. They’re helpful, but don’t bet all your chips on their outcome, is what I’m saying. So if something happens that’s considered an “upset,” don’t immediately think the state of the race has changed because of it. (I know everyone will anyway, because that’s the age we live in, but just remember the voice of reason said it doesn’t matter unless the PGA and DGA vote that way too.)

So anyway, I’m gonna go through all the categories, talk about who I’d vote for, who I like, and who I think they’re gonna vote for. It’s all great fun for me. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “If you were to give advice to a woman, what would it be?” “Love.” “To a young girl?” “Love.” “To a child?” “Love.”

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