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The Oscar Quest: Best Actor – 1988

Love me some 1988. Love Rain Man. Not the best Best Picture choice in the world, but based on the nominees, it would have been my choice too. Barry Levinson also won Best Director for the film (talked about here), which makes sense.

Best Actress this year was Jodie Foster for The Accused (talked about here), which is a terrific decision. Possibly a top ten decision of all time. Best Supporting Actor was Kevin Kline for A Fish Called Wanda (talked about here), a decision so good it masks how shitty that category is. And Best Supporting Actress was Geena Davis for The Accidental Tourist (talked about here), which, while I wouldn’t have voted for it, is okay.

And then here — pretty self-explanatory. You can’t really argue with it. Dustin Hoffman. Rain Man. “Oh, yeah, right.” Of course he won.


And the nominees were…

Gene Hackman, Mississippi Burning

Tom Hanks, Big

Dustin Hoffman, Rain Man

Edward James Olmos, Stand and Deliver

Max von Sydow, Pelle the Conqueror (more…)

Pic of the Day: “The last time we met–” “Was La Belle Aurore.” “How nice, you remembered. But of course, that was the day the Germans marched into Paris.” “Not an easy day to forget.” “No.” “I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue.”