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The Oscar Quest: Worst Films I Had to Endure

It comes with the territory. You watch a lot of films, you’re gonna love some, you’re gonna hate some. Yesterday was the films I liked. Here are the films I hated. Films from the Oscar Quest I disliked the most.

This might be the best way to gauge my film tastes, going by the films I liked best from the Quest and these films. Keep in mind — I am NOT telling you to avoid these films, and I am NOT saying they’re (all) bad films, I’m simply saying: of all the 850 or so films I saw that I hadn’t seen before, here are the ones I liked the least. (Also, we’re putting a moratorium on films of the past decade. I may have hated some of them, but I won’t allow myself to truly hate a film until a decade has past. Once that happens, it’s ‘swing away, Merrill.’)

So here are the 50 worst films I had to endure from this Oscar Quest (we’re gonna go in reverse chronological order): (more…)

Pic of the Day: “When do we get our money, Daniel?”

There Will Be Blood - 30