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The Oscar Quest: Best Supporting Actresses Who Didn’t Win Best Supporting Actress

As I said when I posted my list of Best Supporting Actors Who Didn’t Win Best Supporting Actor earlier, I’m basing the Supporting categories’ lists on those performances that really stand out from the films.

I feel like I need to specify, since a lot of the nominated performances in these categories are technically lead roles that went Supporting because that’s where they were more likely to win. Though Best Supporting Actress is more filled with the exact opposite of that — actresses in only one scene that get nominated. For some Supporting Actor performances, you need to decide just how much screen time is too much to be considered Supporting. But here, you need to decide how much screen time is needed to make the performance more than just a glorified cameo.

But, on the whole, a lot of these performances are ones where — they really stick out from the films. They’re really strong and/or memorable and/or iconic. You’ll see when you see them. Here they are: (more…)

The Oscar Quest: Best Supporting Actors Who Didn’t Win Best Supporting Actor

Today, we’re getting into the final categories — the Supporting ones. Two days ago, I did all the great Best Picture and Best Director nominees that didn’t win. Yesterday, I listed all the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees that didn’t win that were fantastic. (Links are at the bottom. Focus on this, then go see those afterward.)

The Supporting categories are a bit tougher because they themselves are the most broad of the categories. There are a lot of nominated supporting performances that are actually lead roles (like Jamie Foxx in Collateral, or Christopher Plummer in The Last Station. Going recent, so you know what I’m talking about). But generally — the idea of a great supporting performance is one that’s memorable. A character that is perfectly captured in a limited amount of screen time. That’s pretty much what I went for here. (Though, what I actually did was go through everything and just go, “Yeah, that’s good,” and kept pulling until I had 100.)

So here are all the great Best Supporting Actor nominated performances that didn’t win: (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Nina, what did you do?” “I felt it…. Perfect. I was perfect.”