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Oscars 2011 Breakdown: Best Original Screenplay, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing & Best Cinematography

I love these categories. Screenplay is self-explanatory. They are my trade of choice, therefore I am interested in these categories. I don’t really care so much what wins, just because no one is really reading the screenplays before they vote, but I am interested in the categories. And then, Cinematography I love because I love gorgeous-looking films. And Editing I love because it’s very influential in the Best Picture race. Plus, I love me a well-edited film. So basically, I like what these categories represent more than the actual categories. But you understand. (This might have been the worst paragraph I’ve ever written in my entire life. Is it clear I’m really just trying to get into the breakdowns and don’t care about this intro at all?)

There’s not much to say in the way of history. Quite often, the Best Picture winner wins one of the Screenplay categories, cinematography usually goes to the the nicest-looking film, and editing usually goes to either the Best Picture winner or a clear best effort. That’s just a general rubric.

This time, we’ll start with the Screenplay categories, then do Editing, then do Cinematography (because I love me some cinematography).

First, we’ll do Best Original Screenplay, which originated in 1940 (before that it was just Best Screenplay, one category): (more…)

Pic of the Day: “It’s hard to be born and it’s hard to die.”