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The Oscar Quest: Facts, Trivia and other Miscellanea

This is just a random collection of facts and such that I’ve acquired over all my years of paying attention to the Academy Awards.

If you know me — you know that if there’s one thing I’m full of (that’s not puns) — it’s facts and trivia. I am insanely good at knowing when films came out, and random facts about them. Throw me a random Oscar category (from the Quest). I’ll tell you what was nominated. Give me the character name of someone nominated for Best Actor or Best Actress since 1970. I’ll get it right 98% of the time. For some reason, I’m like a savant for this stuff.

Plus, people like trivia. They like reading all those little bits and pieces of facts. It’s great when you know something that you know other people don’t know and you can just whip it out — “You know that film that won only got nominated because the other one got disqualified, right?” You feel good, and you sound smart. Plus we all like to tell what we know to other people.

So here are a bunch of facts and shit (* official title) about the Oscars. I’m sure more will be added whenever I get them/are told them/give a shit. You know how it works. Also, these are in absolutely no order. I just wrote down what I remembered, found stuff, looked stuff up and threw it in a Word document, and am now simply copying, pasting and dressing it up a bit. I’m not classy. There’s a reason this isn’t the A-Movie Blog. (more…)

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