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Oscars By Statistics

Here’s something I thought would be interesting to do…

I don’t really know how much I’m into the whole statistical thing. Generally I like having all information at my disposal and then doing what feels right. Statistics to me feel more like rationalization than playing the odds. You know?

That said, I got this idea from playing the ponies. Every year, before the Kentucky Derby and the other Triple Crown Races, my hometown newspaper (that’s the New York Daily News. My family is middle class. We’re not sophisticated enough to get (or care about half the stuff written in) the Times and we’re not low enough to bother with the Post) prints a big section where they go over all the horses in the race and writes a little something and all that. It’s mostly useless. My father always says, “Let me lose my own money.” It’s all luck, anyway. Unless you know what you’re doing.

But, there is one thing at the bottom I always found interesting, which is — they show you all the post positions that the horses start from (usually 20), and then they tell you, based on the number of Derbies there have been, which post positions have won the race the most. Not the most helpful of information, since, a lot of it has to do with context. Yet, if you wanted to, you could probably make a case, saying, “Well, this position has won the most times, so why not?” It’s as good a system as any. It really comes down to how much you want to believe in it. (more…)

Oscars 2011 Breakdown: Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary (Short Subject), Best Live-Action Short & Best Animated Short

And, the categories absolutely nobody cares about (and Best Documentary. Which only some people care about).

These are the categories that, every year, nobody knows how to pick, and everyone expects to get wrong. It is impossible to guess which shorts are going to win. So we basically just pick randomly and hope we get it right.

Also, for these categories (at least, everything but Best Animated Short), I only typed out the winners. No one really cares enough about these to go through all of them (and I don’t care about documentaries, so that’s why I didn’t type out that one).

Anyway, let’s just finish up these categories. Because this article will be so shorts (I’m hilarious), I’m going to post a bonus article in a bit. Mostly because I had it written and ran out of days. But the fact that nobody cares about these categories is also a good reason for me to get it up today.

We’ll start with Best Documentary. Let’s just get this over with. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Your ego is absolutely colossal.” “Yeah, yeah, not bad. How’s yours?”

The Box Office Report – February 24-26

Last week, in Box Office…

Apparently it was a “holiday” weekend. I don’t believe in these holidays when it comes to box office. So my recap will only be the three day numbers and not what was reported to fudge the facts.

Either way, Safe House impressively wins the weekend by only dropping 40% to make $23.6 million. This was right in line with expectations, the only real difference was that Ghost Rider didn’t perform, so that’s what makes it seem very impressive.

Finishing second was The Vow, with $23.1 million. Slightly bigger drop than was forecasted, which is good, but overall it finished within expectations. I didn’t particularly enjoy either film, but they weren’t offensive, so I don’t mind so much that they’re making money.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (which was pretty bad, by the way), finished a weak third, with $22.1 million. That should be enough to kill the franchise, which was never particularly strong. (He only went full Cage once! In this movie?!) (more…)