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Oscars 2011 Update: Costume Design Awards

And the final Oscar precursor is in the books. And then we get Wednesday through Saturday to finalize our picks before the big day. It’s kind of like Reading Week in college.

Anyway, the Costume Designers Guild handed out their awards, and — well, when I saw what won, I laughed a little bit. First, the two that were obvious: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 won for Costume Design in a Fantasy Film, which is nice for them to go out winning that award (which apparently it won for the first film too). And The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo won for Costume Design in a Contemporary Film. When you looked at the nominees, those seemed like the obvious choices. Then you have the other category…

The award for Costume Design in a Period Film went to W.E. That’s Madonna’s film. It joins such winners as The King’s Speech, The Young Victoria, The Duchess, Sweeney Todd, Curse of the Golden Flower, and Memoirs of a Geisha. It beat The Artist, Hugo, The Help and Jane Eyre. Kind of funny, to be honest. It basically beat your Oscar category (minus Anonymous). I don’t know where the Costume Designers Guild figures into AMPAS (since they have a Makeup and Hairstylists branch, a Visual Effects branch and an Art Directors branch. I guess Makeup?), but odds are, the grouping isn’t that big, so this win probably won’t matter at all for the Oscars. The real question is whether the films that normally win these categories (Jane Eyre, Anonymous) will beat the heavy hitters (The Artist, Hugo). Interesting things to think about over the next five days.

Ballots are in now. Now it’s all figuring out the picks. Good luck.

Oscars 2011 Breakdown: Best Original Song, Best Original Score, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Animated Feature

Today we’re just grouping random things together. Normally I could spend a whole article just talking about Best Original Song and Best Original Score, but the music branch of the Academy has gotten so bad over the past decade that I can’t even bear to talk about how they make their decisions. I’d much rather look back in history at all the great stuff that’s come out of the categories. But since 2000, it’s been shit on top of shit on top of shit.

Then Best Foreign Langauge Film is a category I don’t much care about. I’m mostly interested in looking at what was nominated (since this is the first time I’m actually looking at the categories), just to see how many films I recognize. I’d wager that many of the films we know to be great foreign films didn’t even so much as make the nominees list, which is precisely why this category never meant anything to me. And Best Animated Feature — it’s a new category, created because of Pixar and Disney, and has basically been about rewarding Pixar and Disney. Except this year. I don’t really know what happened this year. It’ll take some time to figure that one out.

Anyway, those are the categories we’ll be dealing with today. I’ll try to contain my talk mostly to what’s nominated this year. What I’d actually like to say about these categories is too much for this one article. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “And… here… we… go!”