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Blog Update

It’s about time to update. The Oscar season is over. Back to business as usual. However — our business here is actually coming to a close soon.

It’s been all Oscars all the time here since nominations were announced. I mean — it’s pretty much always all Oscars all the time here, but it’s been this year‘s Oscars since Oscars were announced. Now that the season’s officially in the books, we go back to what was originally going on here at the blog — the Oscar Quest. I have about two months worth of Quest articles left to go up. (The scary part is that they’ve all been written since like, November. So I don’t even remember anything about them.) Then, after those are done, we get into the Best Picture portion of the Quest. 72 Best Pictures left to write up. (Pretty sure I only wrote up like six of them so far.) Those will take us to the 4th of July. And once those are done — the Oscar Quest is done. Which is pretty crazy. I’ll give more of an update on that when we get closer.

So that’s basically what’s going on over here for the next two months. Back to the Oscar Quest (plus another Top Tens article going up in the middle of March). The other exciting thing is that, by the end of the month, I will (after writing one more post that’s not currently scheduled to go up) have posted on this blog exactly 1,000 times. (This also means I posted 200 times between January 1st and February 29th. But whatever.) That’s pretty crazy. In 13 months, 1,000 posts went up on this blog. And in 13 months, I also completed the Oscar Quest. I guess that’s my new standard for measuring getting stuff done. Anyway — that’s the update. I’m off to go see what to do with that 1,000th post…

2011 Oscars Recap

Well, another year is in the books, and I have to say — this was a damn good Oscar year. I don’t think they truly made that many mistakes. And in all, I actually agreed with just about every major category. Sure, I could quibble about some of the minor ones, but overall, I think they did a terrific job with this one.

I’ve also went and updated all my other articles, like the Rankings, the Viewer’s Guide, the Facts and Trivia, and all the little odds and ends articles (Ranking the Best Pictures, etc.) with the new results we now have.

That aside, let’s get into the recap of the big night: (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!”