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The Oscar Quest: Best Actor – 1934

Everybody has one year they’re the most biased about. 1934 is mine.

Most years, you can at least have some sort of objectivity when you go, “Yeah, I guess it’s okay.” But, here, my favorite film of all time is contained amongst the nominees, and no matter what it’s up against, I’m always going to feel as if it should have won. So this one’s gonna be brief on the voting and everything. I will talk about how great all three of these movies and performances are, though. So you do get that. Because this category is fucking amazing. All three are great. It’s just — my favorite is my favorite.

Oh, yeah, basically what you need to know is — It Happened One Night swept everything. Beat the hell out of everything. Except my spirit.


And the nominees are…

Clark Gable, It Happened One Night

Frank Morgan, The Affairs of Cellini

William Powell, The Thin Man (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Are you classified as human?” “Negative. I am a meat popsicle.”

The Box Office Report – May 6-8

Last week, in Box Office…

Shit got real. Fast Five opened to more than double the largest opening of the year thus far. It opened with more money than the top two biggest openings combined. I shit you not. The two biggest openings thus far were Rio, with $39 million and Rango, with $38 million. Together, that’s $76 million.

Fast Five made $86.2 million. By itself. Talk about blowing shit out of the water. That’s Hiro-fucking-shima. It ranks as the 24th best opening weekend of all time. Here’s a list of them, so you can be both happy and sickened at the same time at some of them. But still, $86 million — fucking wow. Big fucking wow.

I will say, having seen it before it came out — it was definitely the best in the series. Plus the budget was only $125 million — which isn’t so bad. It’s a lot, but in this day and age, $125 million should be the standard blockbuster type budget. $300 million is too much. Still, this movie’s looking to do around $170 million domestically and about $300 million and change worldwide. Hefty sum. But, this franchise has been around for a while. It weathered the storm. I feel it’s earned it. Plus, it’s gonna keep the series fresh, since they’re now transitioning to heists instead of street racing. Now you’ll get your obligatory race in the context of the bigger story which is, let’s steal a lot of money with cars. Which now takes away any possibility of that Italian Job sequel ever happening. (Note: I think this film may have been it. It was called “The Brazilian Job.” Shit got waxed.) (more…)