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The Oscar Quest: Best Director – 1952

Ah, the big fuck up. Which isn’t really a fuck up in hindsight, because they fixed their mistake in post. But, in this category, it’s a fuck up.

Actually, 1952 in general is a fuck up year. The Greatest Show on Earth wins Best Picture in a copout decision because the Academy didn’t want to vote for High Noon. Terrible decision, but despite what you may have heard, the film really isn’t that bad. It’s just not a Best Picture winner. Then Gary Cooper wins Best Actor for High Noon (talked about here), which really makes you wonder why they bothered to not vote for it in the first place. Why not just make it uniform, like you did with Citizen Kane? Either way, Krik Douglas should have won here.

Then Shirley Booth wins Best Actress for Come Back, Little Sheba (talked about here), which I don’t like as a decision at all. At best it’s a forgettable choice. Best Supporting Actor was Anthony Quinn for Viva Zapata! (talked about here), which I’ve come to accept as an okay decision, but is one I wouldn’t have made. And Best Supporting Actress was Gloria Grahame for The Bad and the Beautiful, which, as I discussed here, I’m sort of okay with, because the film got some attention, but she really wasn’t the best performance in the category, and the whole thing is just kind of fucked up and confusing.

That’s what 1952 is. A year that’s fucked up and confusing. Nothing makes sense, none of the decisions are all that great, and everyone just kind of walks away from it going, “What happened?” Kind of like a party at my house.


And the nominees were…

Cecil B. DeMille, The Greatest Show on Earth

John Ford, The Quiet Man

John Huston, Moulin Rouge

Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 5 Fingers

Fred Zinnemann, High Noon (more…)

Pic of the Day: “How can you do it?” “What?” “How can you see me and still love me?” “That’s what it’s about, preppy.”

The Box Office Report — September 23-25

Last week, in Box Office…

From the day we arrive on the planet… ♫

The Lion King, being rereleased in 3D takes down new Hollywood like fucking Mufasa got taken down by that stampede. It made $30.2 million over the weekend. Maybe that means it’ll end up making some money when all is said and done.

Disney is saying (but who believes them?)  that 92% of the grosses came from 3D theaters. Seriously, why would you go see this film in 3D? Did you want to recreate the douchebags running down the aisle from the Broadway version? I thought it was very telling when Disney gave out that number, because they couched it like, “That must tell you how strong this movie is, that people were willing to go see it again, even in 3D.” Nice move, Disney.

Contagion finishes second with a strong $14.6 million. It may not seem that strong, but when you figure the opening weekend made $22 million and it was a 35% drop — that’s pretty strong. The film was only budgeted at $60 million, so I’m sure they’re doing well on this one. Good for them. It was a good movie.

Drive opened to $11.3 million. It was a bit lower than I’d hoped, but still, the budget for the film was only $13 million, so they’re gonna make a profit on this. I want to see this film succeed. And this is before I’ve seen it. Just wait until I’ve seen it. I may not stop talking. (more…)