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Ranking the Bond Movies: #7 – The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Before I get into the film, I’d like to say — when I started watching the films for these articles, I didn’t do them in any particular order at first. This just happened to be the first film I watched. The problem with that was — I didn’t yet have my system down for getting screenshots. So this synopsis, and the screenshots, are much lighter than they were in most of the other articles. The first four films I watched for these articles were this, Tomorrow Never Dies, You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever. Which is why those articles, in that order, are lighter on the screneshots and don’t have the — shall we say — in depth synopses that the other films have. You can see me slowly working towards them. But I didn’t want to go back and get more shots because that would have been more work. So we’ll just deal with what this is.

Now — The Spy Who Loved Me. Roger Moore had a weird tenure as Bond. Live and Let Die is a good film, but has some issues. But it was a solid enough start, taking over for Connery. Then The Man with the Golden Gun is good, but not great. But it was just as good, if not better, than Live and Let Die. But then here — he really hit it out of the park. It was as if he were building toward the perfect Roger Moore Bond film, and hit it after his third try. And then, for some reason, after this, it was all downhill. Moonraker was good, but it also has problems, but could have been okay if his fifth film were good, but the fifth film was For Your Eyes Only. And then Octopussy and A View to a Kill… his tenure didn’t end well. Granted, he’d only intended to do five, but still… it’s weird that he hit his peak in the middle of his tenure. (Then again… Connery kind of did as well. So maybe it makes perfect sense. Then again, Brosnan and Craig started off strong, so…)

Anyway, this is clearly the best of the Roger Moore entries, and is a really solid Bond film overall. I’m sure some people might want to rank it lower because it is Moore, but honestly, this is a top ten film for me. I really like this one.



Pic of the Day: “The mechanism is… Oh James, James… will you make love to me all the time in England?” “Day and night. Go on about the mechanism.”

The Box Office Report – November 2-4

Last week, in Box Office…

Argo wins the weekend (yes) by holding to only a 26.5% drop and making $12.1 million. That’s great for the film, they’ve made about $61 million so far, only, the biggest thing it winning said was about the other films.

Cloud Atlas opened to a weak second place and only $9.6 million. This was about what I expected, though slightly lower than I’d hoped. I figured $10-11 million. But it got off light compared to the other releases. (Though not really, since this was the only new release with a $100 million budget.)

Hotel Transylvania fell 27% and made $9.4 million in third place. They’ve made $130 million on this one.

Paranormal Activity 4 — ouch — fell 70% into fourth place and made $8.5 million. Still, they’ve made 8x their budget back in theaters after two weeks. I think they’ll be fine.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D — remember when people were saying this was gonna win the weekend? — made $8 million and opened to a weak fifth place. That makes sense to me. I didn’t buy that people were magically gonna go see this just because it was a wide release on Halloween. Unless it’s the summer, people need a reason to go to the movies. This is not it. (more…)