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Ranking the Bond Movies: #1 – From Russia with Love (1963)

This was a no-brainer for me. And honestly, the only film this had competition from was Casino Royale and not even Goldfinger. I think this film beats Goldfinger every time. It’s just more compelling. I feel like Goldfinger is the first film to perfect that “formula” that we’d see them repeat with the other Connery films and even the rest of the films of the franchise (for the most part). This film feels like a pleasing middle ground between the newness that is Dr. No and the perfection of the formula that is Goldfinger.

There’s just something about this film that’s perfect to me. I like that the pacing isn’t breakneck. I like that we don’t get many action scenes. I love Robert Shaw. I love almost everything about this movie.

I don’t really have too much to say — if you asked me what I thought the best Bond film was, this would be my answer.



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