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Ranking the Cold Openings and Final Scenes

Today we rank the Bond Cold Opens and Final Scenes.

Originally this article was going to be just the cold opens and a ranking of our favorite action sequences (with the final scenes list a little easter egg that wasn’t going to be announced in the title), but the sequences list got bigger than I expected and there was no way I was gonna get it up in time, so I just left these by themselves and made the action sequences list a standalone list that’ll go up tomorrow. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

That said — the two lists do work well together. The cold open leading into the credit sequence is one of the few traditions the franchise will adhere to no matter what. And the final scenes are — well, they’re interesting. I didn’t actually give much thought to listing them until I did the cold opens and realized how — well, you’ll see when we get to them. Not too many of them are memorable.

But, that’s today. Today’s gonna be a pretty simple day, especially as compared to tomorrow. Just wait til we get to tomorrow… (more…)


Pic of the Day: “What is that?” “That’s my little Octopussy.”