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Oscars 2012 Update: Best Animated Feature and Best Documentary Short Subject Shortlists

The final Bond article is gonna be a bit late today. It got held up due to unforeseen circumstances. Not that too many people read the things as soon as they go up (and if they do, I’m sorry, and you’re awesome), so I’m thinking that after today, it won’t really matter.

So I figured, since I needed something to go up, let’s do an Oscars Update, since it’s almost that time again, and I might as well start looking into it, since I really don’t even start looking until December. But I caught that two categories were shortlisted recently, so I figure I’ll put that up. If anything it’ll be a placeholder article until later.

One of them is, as the title says, Documentary Short, so it’s not that interesting, though I’m sure we can probably pick a winner based on the nominees, since that category is so easy to figure out.

The other is Best Animated Feature, which is much more interesting. So we’ll look at those lists and see if we can maybe even figure out what the categories are gonna be. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “The sniper was a woman.” “I noticed.” “Some of the best KGB shots are women.” “Um-hum.” “Did you…” “I’d rather not talk about it.”