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The Hidden Gems List (2011)

I wish I had a sticker or jpeg I could put on all the films I talk about on the blog that I consider to be hidden gems, but this blog (as well as myself) is not that advanced. So we’ll just have to make due with these lists.

This is a new feature on the blog. I got the idea for it earlier in the year, as I was thinking of ways to fill out days. Basically the idea behind this was — I have a shitload of lists available of films I really like. But say someone clicks on one of them, say my Top Tens of 1970-1979. There’s somewhere between 200 and 300 movies there. And that’s just that decade. It can be overwhelming for someone who just wants one movie. And invariably someone goes through and sees something they haven’t seen in a while and goes, “I should rewatch that.” Or they just skip over all the stuff they know nothing about because I don’t really elaborate on stuff in those lists, I just list them. So the idea was — say someone wants to watch a movie, one they haven’t seen before. I’m the person who’s seen a lot of movies, so I’m always the person delegated to pick out the movie for the group to watch. And the only directions you’re ever given are, “Pick something I haven’t seen. Something good.” And people know what they haven’t seen/need to see, so they don’t want you to say, “You haven’t seen Gone With the Wind, watch Gone With the Wind.” People know they need to see Citizen Kane. People don’t know they needed to see something like Murder by Death until they’ve seen it.

So the idea behind these lists is to point out films that (for the most part) nobody knows about. Ones people  will watch and go, “Man, that was really good,” and then be able to recommend to other people and turn them onto it. That’s what we want. We want to see movies that make us go, “You gotta see this one…” If you wanted to see something you hadn’t seen, and I showed you 2001: A Space Odyssey — even if you loved it, I don’t think you’d have that feeling of excitement about it that you would for something more obscure. You might have a strong reaction to the film, but it wouldn’t give you that feeling we all love, which is the feeling of being on the inside of an exclusive club. People love knowing about something before other people do and being able to tell them about it. That’s what these lists are. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Who is the competition?” “Ah, an ex-KGB guy. Tough mother. Got a limp in his right leg. Name’s Zukovsky.” “Valentin Dmitrovitch Zukovsky?” “Yeah, you know him?” “I gave him the limp.”