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Ranking the Bond Movies: #6 – Dr. No (1962)

The one that started it all.

You’d think that most people would want to rank Dr. No high on their lists because it’s the first one and that carries some sort of novelty weight to it. But honestly — this film more than holds its own without that. Without even considering that it’s the first one, this is a top ten Bond movie. There’s just something special about this one.

And honestly, I didn’t even need to play the “it was the first one” card here, since the film actually just made #6 on the list on its own. The most that “first one” card did was make me consider it as a potential #5. Which I probably should have, but, as you’ll see tomorrow, when a sentimental favorite is in play, that’s almost always the choice.

But this one — don’t overlook this one because it’s the first one and isn’t “fully” the Bond franchise. Sometimes the first one is the most pure.



Pic of the Day: “Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”