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Ranking Disney: #32 – Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Lilo & Stitch — this was really the only Disney movie I’d seen, post-2000, and I saw it at that age where I was “too mature” for Disney movies. I thought I outgrew that stuff. It came out when I was 13, and at that time, I was graduating to stuff like The Godfather and Pulp Fiction and stuff. So to me, Disney movies were childish stuff. I remember my sister liked this movie a lot. And I would look down on it. And that attitude sort of stayed with me over the years. Until I watched it this time, of course.

I had it in my mind that this wasn’t a particularly good movie. But when I watched it — I was surprised at how much parts of the film legitimately touched me, and made me feel something for the characters. But overall, there are parts of it that just feel way too unnecessary and overdone, and that kind of taints the overall film for me. I really wanted to rank this higher, but I just couldn’t. I like it a lot, but, when I look at it as an overall film, it always ends up here.


Pic of the Day: “This year, I lost my dear husband, Edgar.” “Quit tellin’ everyone I’m dead!” “Sometimes I can still hear his voice.”