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Ranking Disney: #19 – Dumbo (1941)

Ahh — Dumbo.

I went through while compiling a list and figured out what I’d consider to be the 17 Disney movies that I’d say, about 90% of normal, rational people would put in their top 20 best Disney movies. (Trust me — 17.) They’re films where, if you didn’t put them in the top 20 — it would seem weird. This is the first of those films.

Ideally most people would put this higher, but remember, I’m ranking how I love the films. And while I love Dumbo — there’s not much here to make me want to watch it more than the other 18 films on this countdown. But again — it’s one of those 17, and because of that, it has to go here. The animation, the classic nature of it — and it just being amazing — put it here without question.

The one thing I really want to say about Dumbo is: I can stand the sight of worms. And look at microscopic germs. But Technicolor pachyderms — is really too much for me.


Pic of the Day: “Without even thinking about it, I used to be able to fly. Now I’m trying to look inside myself and find out how I did it.”

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