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Ranking Disney: #31 – Robin Hood (1973)

Oh… Robin Hood.

This is a film that I suspect most people would rank a lot lower than I am. And I’m cool with that. The thing with a lot of these Disney movies — it comes down to how much you love the source material. Like Tarzan or Hercules or Pocahontas — these really famous stories — if you don’t like the source material, no matter how good and entertaining the film is, you’re just not gonna be fully there. I happen to love the Robin Hood story, and one of my favorite movies is The Adventures of Robin Hood. And this, to me, is a Disney version of that. So, even though the film has that 70s Disney feel to it — I love it.

I can’t defend this film against people who want to attack it. (Though, really, why would you attack it? There’s nothing wrong with it unless you’re putting it up against other Disney movies.) You want to call it slow, you want to say there’s not much here, story-wise, you want to say they reuse characters and animation — fine. But to me, it comes down to story. And I love this story. So that’s why I have it above all the other films ranked below it on my list.


Pic of the Day: “We’d better get to the town quickly. The vultures are circling… Hey, she’s not dying!” “You sure? We could wait around!” “We’ll keep you posted!” “Sorry Clem. False alarm!”