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Ranking Disney: #22 – Bolt (2008)

I saw Bolt in theaters. I tell this story a lot. I don’t know why. I hadn’t seen a new Disney movie for about thirteen years, and for some reason, I not only decided, “Hey, I want to see this one,” but I actually went to see it in theaters. I had gone with friends to see Quantum of Solace the week before, and now I was home for Thanksgiving. And on Thanksgiving night, I said, “I’m gonna go see Bolt.” It’s actually kind of strange that I decided that. I really don’t think of myself in 2008 as having come around on all the Disney stuff as much as I have.

But — I remember — when I went to see the film — the theater was empty. It was Thanksgiving. No one was in the theater. It was just me. And the show was set to start at — say, 7:30. And by 7:45, the lights were still on in the theater, no previews or anything was on, and nothing seemed to be happening. And finally one of the staff walked in and saw that someone was actually there to see the movie (I guess they figured if no one showed up, they didn’t have to run it), so they went and started it. So I saw this film, in theaters, alone.

And I loved it. I can’t explain what in the trailer for this movie made me think, “I want to see that,” but it did, and the movie itself was great. It really surprised the hell out of me. And honestly, after several rewatches since then, my opinion of the film hasn’t changed. I think this is a terrific, terrific film, and, honestly, when I put it against all the other Disney movies, I think it’s better than most of them. It’s funny, it has heart, it’s entertaining, it doesn’t slip into too much of the bad Disney stuff they’ve been veering into, and aside from the lack of songs (which actually works for this story), I don’t really have any problems with it. I really like it.


Pic of the Day: “Really, now, why don’t you just go out and find a new one?” “Are you kidding? Where am I gonna find another toaster like this?” “Like that? Probably nowhere.”